Application Development

Application Development
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Application Development

app design and app developmentWe can help you from the beginning.

We have helped clients with Questions, Concepts, Investors, Trademarking, Copyrighting, Design, Interface, Development and Distribution.


The iPhone is now much more than just a mobile phone. It has spearheaded a revolution in mobile computing. The runaway success of the Apple App Store is testimony to the fact that users are becoming ever more comfortable with mobile applications. Enterprises and users alike have realized the massive potential of iPhone apps.


iD Web is uniquely positioned to develop the next-gen apps for the iPad, with expert engineers and Rich Apps Designers, and years of experience working with the IPad OS and developing a wide variety of mobile apps.While apps designed for the iPhone/ iPod Touch do work on the iPad, we specialize in developing apps which are designed specifically to take advantage of the large multi-touch screen of the iPad and its unique, advanced capabilities.


The most popular mobile OS gaining rapidly on the iPhone is the Google Android, in terms of users, robustness and capabilities of the operating system, richness and variety of its app store, and the increasing number of devices being sold.Android is optimized for Google’s Web apps and has open source roots, with the support of a strong developer community. More than a dozen leading manufacturers have released mobile devices running Google’s Android operating system, including mobile Internet devices (MID), netbooks and tablets.

Windows® Phone

A quickly growing market. Windows Phone means more — more immersive app experiences; more opportunity to reach a range of devices; more ways to help monetize your applications. Design apps for Windows Phone and take advantage of amazing benefits.

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