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Our Process

Our carefully designed process is meant to ensure customer satisfaction throughout the entire project lifecycle, while maintaining a high level of efficiency.

We provide each client with a timeline chart that outlines the budget, milestones, and procedure we will follow to complete the project.  We follow a four phase process to ensure customer satisfaction and project efficiency. Our process begins with a discovery phase where we plan everything clearly, then a creative phase where all visual elements are designed and approved, then a technical phase where the visual elements are brought to life, and finally a review and testing phase.

iD Web's, Graphic Design, Web Design, Application Development Process

Our 48 Hour Discovery

In the first 48 hours of a project, we make it a top priority to work with you to collect all the details, files and materials needed to make the project get off to a great start.


Our Basic Contract

Client Guidelines to Stay On Track

A Helpful Project Questionaire

Sample Timeline

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